Saturday, June 21, 2008

TP to TA Road Race

The Team had some quality racing at the TP to TA road race on Saturday June 14. The weather was perfect and the blue skies and green meadows and trees made for a beautiful setting.
We were able to provide some good cheering for our racers (by the Franklins, Susie, Caleb, and Nick) and Dan Cassidy was a course volunteer.

Lewis Gaffney finished 2nd in the Juniors and Cats. 4 and 5 race. He rode a smart race and had fun doing it. Also in the same race, Isaiah Tyree (after a small crash caused him to lose contact with the lead group) finished 5th and Joe Floch finished 6th, both racing for the first time ever!

Sean Cassily and Bob Crouch each rode well in the Master’s race. This was the biggest field out there and had some tough competition. They each rode much of the course solo in some wind as the group splintered right away.

Macky Franklin raced with the big boys in the A race. He was able to stay in the breakaway front group of 5 until almost the very end! Macky finished 5th in a very strong field of experienced road racers.

Caleb (aka The Pit Bull) wanted to race as he had picked up a Team road bike the evening before. Due to the fact that he had never even been on a road bike, the Team Managers invited him to come to the race and cheer on the Team. He rode around with Susie and started to learn the ins and outs of road riding skills. Yes, he "turtled" twice and learned that you definitely want to stay upright as much as possible on the road.

Yeah, not a huge Team F.I.Taos turnout but those who raced did great!

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