Thursday, June 26, 2008


Very nice.

Practice Short Track Entertainment!

We had 18 Team members do the "test race" on the very new short track course in TSV. We all rode the lap several times to ride in the course and learn the corners. The climb on the long course proved to be short but steep and loose. There is one fun single track section and some fast descents. We a bunch of Team members show up to just ride and/or cheer everyone on or just to see what "short track" is all about. Racers included Haley and Forest Rach, Sebastian and Tom Mastor, Sacha Wilde, Nick, Scott Warren (fastest rider of the evening), Lewis Gaffney (second fastest on a borrowed single speed), Bailey Corry, Robbie deBurlo, Caleb Maher, Duke and Jean Marie Jackson, Ted Schupbach, Bob, Boden, and AC Franklin, and Victoria Henry. Shawn Howard and Carlos McGarity rode up to the Ski Valley. Spectators and non-racers included John and Peter Hunt, Tim and Erin Gaffney, Joe Floch, Cat Legere, Greg Rach, Monica Mastor, Dennis Hedges, and Susie and Sean. It was great to see so many Team members out for an evening in TSV!

I witnessed something I have never seen in a "race" context...half of one field (the juniors) decided to take a break on the deck, remove their helmets, sit down, and chat! They were keeping things in perspective, for sure. The Junior 12 and under race had 5 riders who rode for 15 minutes plus one lap while the A/B race (which will be separated for the real thing) had 12 riders who went for 20 minutes plus 2 laps.

Let me tell you, this is definitely going to be fun to race or to watch! It is truly an event where all ages and abilities can ride (the slower you are, the fewer laps you end up doing!).

The first "real" short track will take place on Friday July 4th.

“Juniors” 12 and under: 9:30am (15 minutes + 1 lap)
“B” Race: 10:00am (20 minutes + 1 lap)
“A” Race: 10:30am (20 minutes + 2 laps)

Awards (men’s and women’s divisions) and unofficial results after the “A” race.

$5 per rider (free to Team F.I.Taos members)

See you there!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Juniors ride like Pros in Durango Mountain Bike Camp

Eleven Team F.I.Taos Juniors (the more advanced teens) spent the past week in Durango. The week began Monday with a ride from Garcia Park to the top of South Boundary (and, of course, back down). Duke started the week out with a spectacular crash (he had to get a new helmet), reminding us that the week was going to be fun.

Sean, Susie, and Macky took the group (along with tons of gear) to Durango on Tuesday and, after an entertaining drive, set up camp at the Junction Creek Camp Ground. That afternoon we rode the Log Chutes trails. This ride began with a nice climb on a dirt road (well, some of us thought it was nice), turned into a really fun single track section filled with sound effects (thanks William and Lewis), and finished with some crazy hike-a-bike down some downhill sections that Dan Weinman would have liked. Burgers and a campfire wrapped up the day.

Wednesday began with a 5:45am wake up so we could get to Phil's World near Cortez, CO and ride before it was too hot. Another new trail for all of us and within 10 minutes of riding,
everyone agreed that it was worth waking up so early (that says a lot about the riding, considering these are teenagers we're talking about). It was smooth, winding, fast, and fun single track. We rode the entire "big loop" which included, among others, Lemon Head and Stinky Springs (great trail names, huh?). Some really, really fun downhilll sections! Carolina and McKenna improved dramatically on this ride (and throughout the week) as they started ripping through the turns. There were, of course, a few crashes but nothing too major (tell Tegan that). We drove all the way back to Durango and had a picnic lunch by the raging Animas River, followed by some chill time at camp. The group headed to the Durango Rec Center to swim (and shower) before going to our traditional dinner at Nini's Taqueria in Downtown Durango. After ice cream, there was a hotly contested spontaneous pull up competition that Chubby nearly dominated with his one-armed technique...but due to interference, the Pit Bull won.

Thursday was a leisurely morning in camp before we headed up to the Lower Hermosa Creek area. We rode Jones Creek to the Pinkerton Trail and almost to Mitchell Lakes. Jones Creek was a long, gradual climb (over 4 miles up) with cows, big drop offs to one side, and some incredible swarms of mosquitoes that only landed on you if you stopped. Bailey decided to roll part way down one steep hill but changed his mind and grabbed some rose bushes to stop himself. Once we were up on the ridge, the views were amazing and the riding changed. Up there the trail rolled along the ridge with some short, steep sections both up and down. Lewis actually got tired (this is a very rare occurrence). Tegan broke a spoke (cool!) but luckily her wheels survived the entire descent. Speaking of the descent, there is only one word for it, "WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Sean almost got us dinner on the way down (cow standing in trail, Sean coming fast around the corner, Sean-cow impact narrowly avoided). After a late lunch at almost 5:00, we took another trip to the Rec Center (including timed racing down the water slide) before going back to camp for the last night. We said goodbye to Haley (not only does she ride great, but she is also a theater star and had places to go, people to see). Camp fire, late dinner, singing "a cappella" (thanks to Tucker, Robbie, William, Lewie, and pretty much everyone else but just not as loudly as them) and stories.

The last morning we had Susie's famous chocolate chip pancakes, packed up, and went to Big Canyon for our last photo shoot. There is a really cool bank turn on rock that is fun to ride and looks great in photos. I never saw Robbie "turtle" or "cow" the entire trip but he must have since it was his first week really riding with clipless pedals (pretty amazing). We got back to Taos at 3:30 (only 30 minutes late!) and unloaded the van. Imagine a van that 11 teenagers have lived out of while camping and riding for a week. It was both scary and impressive.

What an amazing trip! This was our 3rd year doing this trip and this time we rode trails that most of us had never ridden. Each day we rode hard and laughed harder. These kids are riding so well as their skills, endurance, and mental focus just keeps improving. Thanks!

TP to TA Road Race

The Team had some quality racing at the TP to TA road race on Saturday June 14. The weather was perfect and the blue skies and green meadows and trees made for a beautiful setting.
We were able to provide some good cheering for our racers (by the Franklins, Susie, Caleb, and Nick) and Dan Cassidy was a course volunteer.

Lewis Gaffney finished 2nd in the Juniors and Cats. 4 and 5 race. He rode a smart race and had fun doing it. Also in the same race, Isaiah Tyree (after a small crash caused him to lose contact with the lead group) finished 5th and Joe Floch finished 6th, both racing for the first time ever!

Sean Cassily and Bob Crouch each rode well in the Master’s race. This was the biggest field out there and had some tough competition. They each rode much of the course solo in some wind as the group splintered right away.

Macky Franklin raced with the big boys in the A race. He was able to stay in the breakaway front group of 5 until almost the very end! Macky finished 5th in a very strong field of experienced road racers.

Caleb (aka The Pit Bull) wanted to race as he had picked up a Team road bike the evening before. Due to the fact that he had never even been on a road bike, the Team Managers invited him to come to the race and cheer on the Team. He rode around with Susie and started to learn the ins and outs of road riding skills. Yes, he "turtled" twice and learned that you definitely want to stay upright as much as possible on the road.

Yeah, not a huge Team F.I.Taos turnout but those who raced did great!

The First 2008 Wednesday Night Family Mountain Bike Ride

Wednesday June 4th we had about 25 Team members show up for the first Family MTB Ride of the summer. We rode Trail 18 at many different paces with the front group then continuing up Forest Road 438. There was a lot of enthusiasm and we all made it back to the start at sunset. With some recent additions to the Team, we have hit 80 members total, adults (ages 18-64) and juniors (ages 6-17), roadies and mountain bikers (beginners through pros). The support and Team spirit is what makes it so much fun so let's keep getting out and riding together!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Hill Climb Results 6/4/08

Team F.I.Taos Time Trial Hill Climb Results!
June 4, 2008

Men Road Bike Category Results

Juniors 15-18
1st place: Lewis Gaffney 35:19
2nd place: Isaiah Tyree 38:42
3rd place: William Schurman 53:24
1st place: Macky Franklin 28:59
2nd place: Scott Warren 35:01
1st place: Greg Rach 36:35 (single speed)
1st place: Shawn Howard 36:21
2nd place: Victor Goler 40:43
3rd place: Doug Pickett 41:45
1st place: Alan Mahrenholz 45:09
2nd place: John Fair 53:17
3rd place: Ted Schupbach 1:06:58

Men Mountain Bike Category Results
Junior 14 and under
1st place: Caleb Maher 46:00
2nd place: Forest Rach 1:31:43
DNF: Trempealeau Morninglight (6 years old and made it more than half way!)
Junior 15-18
1st place: Robbie de Burlo 53:08
1st place: Brendan Curran 49:14
1st place: Bob Franklin 54:04
2nd place: Roger Pattison 1:03:53

Women Road Bike Category Results
1st place: Taz Schurman 37:37
2nd place: Geil Ismail 49:32
3rd place: Susan Gaffney 52:49
1st place: Carol Wildman 54:38 (folding bike)

Women Mountain Bike Category Results
Junior 14 and under
1st place: Haley Rach 1:05:52
2nd place: Sparrow Skywalker 1:53:00
1st place: Kerrie Pattison 53:35