Thursday, June 26, 2008

Practice Short Track Entertainment!

We had 18 Team members do the "test race" on the very new short track course in TSV. We all rode the lap several times to ride in the course and learn the corners. The climb on the long course proved to be short but steep and loose. There is one fun single track section and some fast descents. We a bunch of Team members show up to just ride and/or cheer everyone on or just to see what "short track" is all about. Racers included Haley and Forest Rach, Sebastian and Tom Mastor, Sacha Wilde, Nick, Scott Warren (fastest rider of the evening), Lewis Gaffney (second fastest on a borrowed single speed), Bailey Corry, Robbie deBurlo, Caleb Maher, Duke and Jean Marie Jackson, Ted Schupbach, Bob, Boden, and AC Franklin, and Victoria Henry. Shawn Howard and Carlos McGarity rode up to the Ski Valley. Spectators and non-racers included John and Peter Hunt, Tim and Erin Gaffney, Joe Floch, Cat Legere, Greg Rach, Monica Mastor, Dennis Hedges, and Susie and Sean. It was great to see so many Team members out for an evening in TSV!

I witnessed something I have never seen in a "race" context...half of one field (the juniors) decided to take a break on the deck, remove their helmets, sit down, and chat! They were keeping things in perspective, for sure. The Junior 12 and under race had 5 riders who rode for 15 minutes plus one lap while the A/B race (which will be separated for the real thing) had 12 riders who went for 20 minutes plus 2 laps.

Let me tell you, this is definitely going to be fun to race or to watch! It is truly an event where all ages and abilities can ride (the slower you are, the fewer laps you end up doing!).

The first "real" short track will take place on Friday July 4th.

“Juniors” 12 and under: 9:30am (15 minutes + 1 lap)
“B” Race: 10:00am (20 minutes + 1 lap)
“A” Race: 10:30am (20 minutes + 2 laps)

Awards (men’s and women’s divisions) and unofficial results after the “A” race.

$5 per rider (free to Team F.I.Taos members)

See you there!

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