Saturday, August 16, 2008

Recent Race Results (Mountain and Road)

Some really great racing is happening! Remember to email your results to me so I can include your finishes. A lot of rides and races coming up throughout the rest of August and September so it’s not to late to get out there and give it a try…

Team F.I.Taos TSV Short Track XC Fun Race - Wednesday August 13, 2008

Mini Race
1st Nalia Kast (6)
2nd Berkeley Kast (3)

B Race
1st Stacey McClurg (39)
2nd Sparrow Skywalker (3)
1st Caleb Kast (13)
2nd Rio Graab (11)
3rd Forest Rach (8)
4th Ezra Tredwin (8)

A Race
1st Victoria Henry (19)
2nd Haley Rach (11)
1st Doug Kast (32)
2nd Brendan Curran (37)
3rd Caleb Maher (14)
4th Bailey Corry (13)
5th Boden Franklin (10)
6th Leroy Martinez (45)
7th Bob Franklin (62)
8th Greg Rach (36)

Pajarito Punishment Mountain Bike Race - August 9, 2008 Los Alamos, NM

Junior Beginner Women 18 and under
1st Carolina McGarity
2nd Sparrow Skywalker

Junior Beginner Men 18 and under
4th Bailey Corry
5th Caleb Kast

Beginner Men 40-49
1st Carlos McGarity

Sport Men 30-39
13th Tim Gallegos
14th Brendan Curran

Single Speed Men (Expert)
5th Doug Kast

Leadville 100 Mile Mountain Bike Race - August 9
Bob Crouch (raced Lance Armstrong and finished!)

Prison Loop Road Race - Santa Fe, NM - August 27
2nd Scott Warren

Gateway Colorado Road Races - August 9-10
1st Scott Warren (Saturday race)
2nd Scott Warren (Sunday race)

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