Thursday, July 17, 2008

TSV Time Trial Hill Climb Results!

July 16 was a perfect day for a hill climb...unless you were counting on a huge tailwind like we had for the last event! We were missing some riders (lots of folks out of town and maybe a few enjoying some couch time) but still had 20 come out and try their hardest. The pizza afterwards at Pizano's was mmmmmmmm good.

Men Road Bike
Juniors 14 and under
1st place: Caleb Kast 1:02:27
Juniors 15-18
1st place: Lewis Gaffney 36:48
2nd place: Isaiah Tyree 43:18
1st place: Greg Rach 36:30 (single speed)
2nd place: Doug Kast 37:06
3rd place: Sean Cassily 40:31
1st place: Dave Mount 37:20
2nd place: Shawn Howard 37:50
3rd place: Eric Graab 43:40
4th place: Anthony Marlar 46:02
1st place: Alan Mahrenholz 47:16
2nd place: Ted Schupbach 1:08:15

Men Mountain Bike
Junior 14 and under
1st place: Boden Franklin 1:03:01
1st place: Tony 1:12:35
1st place: Brendan Curran 45:53
1st place: Bob Franklin 54:05
2nd place: Tom Mastor 1:01:51

Women Road Bike
1st place: Beth Krieger Fritsch 45:34
1st place: Taz Schurman 40:40

Women Mountain Bike
1st place: Victoria Henry 1:01:37

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