Monday, May 26, 2008

Team F.I.Taos Kicked It at the Chile Challenge

17 Team F.I.Taos racers, ages 8-64, in Angel Fire on Sunday May 24. A tough climb and an exciting descent just made TFT members say, "WEEEEEEEEEEE!". The day included crashes by most racers (some more than others), mud, sweat, sun, cowbells ringing, photos, passing, being passed, almost passing out, and that great feeling you get when you finish! Lots of podium spots were taken by our team!!

Lewis Gaffney won the Junior Sport race , Donna Dallas won the Sport 40+ race in her first mountain bike race ever, Forest Rach finished the beginner course (8 years old and with only a few gears), Greg Rach showed how it's done in the men's sport division, Jake Gonzales improved on the climbs and let it rip on the descents, Bob Franklin was the 64 year old guy racing the 20 year old beginner guys and he beat a few of them handily, AC Franklin had a surprise start time and missed a warm up but still easily won the Sport Junior group (and then went out for another lap and said, "That felt better!"), Haley Rach and Carolina McGarity finished one second apart, Caleb Maher said he crashed a lot but took 3rd in Junior Beginner with Duke Jackson hot on his heels (loving his new bike), Bailey Corry said he got tired so he stopped for awhile (still finished great), Boden Franklin rode and chatted with Bailey for part of the race, Victoria Henry was on course longer than anyone and finished with a smile in the Sport race, Carlos learned just how far 14 miles can feel some days (but he finished and did a great job), Sean (aka "Chubs") really really liked the descending and had his most spectacular crash in a long time.

Junior Beginner Men 14 and under
Caleb Maher 3rd

Duke Jackson 4th

Bailey Corry 5th

Boden Franklin 6th

Forest Rach 7th

Junior Beginner Men 15-18
Robbie deBurlo 5th

Junior Beginner and Sport Women
A.C. Franklin 1st

Haley Rach 3rd

Carolina McGarity 4th

Beginner Men 19+
Bob Franklin 7th

Sport Women 19-29
Victoria Henry 9th

Sport Women 40+
Donna Dallas 1st

Donna was so speedy our photographer
did not even know she was there.

Junior Sport Men 14-19
Lewis Gaffney 1st

Sport Men 35-39
Greg Rach 4th

Jacob Gonzales 9th

Sport Men 40+
Carlos McGarity 16th

Expert Men 35-39
Sean Cassily 14th

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