Saturday, March 29, 2008

2008 Season Begins!

Well, here we go...warmer temperatures and spring winds have arrived and TSV closes April 6.

The 2008 jerseys and shorts are IN (and they look super cool)! Team socks and water bottles will arrive in early May.

Low elevation trails are pretty much dry (West Rim, Horsethief, Klauer, Dump to Dump) with a few muddy/snowy spots (please don't ride through the mud).

We're seeing more and more people out riding on the roads using the wind as a training tool. Watch for a bit of sand and glass!

The racing is getting underway: Macky is racing in Fontana this weekend and Greg Rach and his crew race in El Paso this weekend.

We will have our first party/team meeting on Wednesday April 9 at 5:30PM at Susie and Sean's!

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